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About Webshops

Once a range of branded merchandise is agreed for a client, an individual ‘Web Shop’ can be created which is accessible via the Tylers website. This means that all customised clothing / goods can be ordered securely and direct from Tylers, maximizing the easy buying experience for the customer and minimizing the amount of time involved for the client, so representing a cost effective and time efficient solution.

How long does it take to set up a Web Shop? Approximately 2-5 working days.

How long does it take to set up a new design template for a Club / Team / School? Approximately 2 working days subject to the artwork being of a suitable good quality ie pdf /jpeg.

Who will maintain the Web Shop and keep it up to date? We will update the Web Shop with details of any new lines or any additional information you would like to feature.

Who will supply the images to support the Web Shop? We can supply images but to personalise the Web Shop to truly represent your club or society it is always good to feature imagery that shows members wearing the clothing.

Does my Club / Team / Association derive any financial benefits from Tylers hosting the Web Shop? Please give Sophie or Sam a call to discuss this.

Can I add items to an existing web order? Only if the order has not been processed. The best advice is to call the office and we will either add to the order or just place a new one.

I am starting up a new club / team, can you advise on the best clothing stock to meet my requirements? We can discuss the best options based on what sport or method of use the garments are required for. The choice of colourways plays a significant role in the decision making process for some customers. We are always happy to call in samples so that you can review the garments both in terms of appearance as well as size.

How do you send personalised items out / how do you track them? We use a delivery company and Royal Mail.

How long do you anticipate it will take an item to reach me once it leaves your offices? We use a delivery company or Royal Mail so we would hope the goods will reach you the following working day.

Can I collect my merchandise from your offices? Yes customers are always welcome to visit the Tylers offices to collect goods.

If I need a range of promotional clothing but want to use a clothing brand not currently featured on the web site is that possible? We are always happy to consider offering brands we do not usually supply.

I’m not sure if I should have my items embroidered or printed, what advice can you give? Please contact us as we are always happy to talk to customers to discuss their clothing needs.

I have a really urgent requirement, can you turn the order around in 24 hours? As long as the items are in stock and we can access the required logo we will always try and meet tight customer deadlines.

I want to buy a personalised item but it is only a one-off, can you still help me? We are happy to supply large and small runs of items. Please call the office to discuss your needs.